On a recent interview Captain Alex and Chief Stewardess Stephanie of Motoryacht Bacchus answered a few questions that provide a unique glimpse into the luxurious vibe of this 142' Trinity charter yacht.

What makes the Bacchus crew so special?

Our crew is unique in that we are a fun and very creative group. We strive to please our charter guests by understanding them from the moment they send in their Preference Sheets, all the way through our first meeting onboard, and every day of their charter vacation. We like to personalize the charter experience for each party and we believe that all details count. Our chief stewardess who is well-versed in the art of flower arranging, just ordered the guests’ favorite flowers and made her own arrangements to welcome them. On another recent charter we had guests with two young kids and we organized a teddy bear picnic on the beach, a pirate scavenger hunt and a princess-fairy-themed-room which were all a joy for the little ones.

What is the best part of your job?

We love seeing guests have an absolutely wonderful time on charter, and we truly enjoy going above and beyond all expectations preparing everything so that their holiday is excellent. Traveling around the world and meeting new people are some of the biggest treats of being crew on a luxury charter yacht. Exploring new destinations also helps us become knowledgeable about great places to visit and things to do, all of which we love to pass on to our guests. We have learned that charter guests truly value the expertise of the crew.

What makes 142' Motoryacht Bacchus a perfect choice?

  • Our shoal draft (6' 9") allows us to get closer to some unique destinations.
  • Our layout is extremely convenient so we can accommodate 12 guests in total comfort.
  • Our recent updates are awesome, Bacchus is very luxurious but also very functional, so our guests can have every experience and ambiance, whether their mood calls for the formal or the casual, and it is all very quick to set up and arrange.
  • Our crew is amazing. We have solid service and hospitality backgrounds and as a group we really go the extra mile to make our guests’ charter vacation unforgettable. We work well together and look after each other, great teamwork also translates into a better experience for our guests.